About Me

How would you begin the story of your life? How would you answer someone if they said "Tell me about yourself."? Well, I wouldn't start with my name if that is what you were thinking. I would start with my best virtue, patience. Patience is used for many things like baking (how ironic). You know that feeling you get when you just passionately want that warm, soft, "just came out of the oven" cookie? I get that feeling when I have already consumed too much cookie dough, so to avoid getting sick from the raw egg, I have to eat a baked one. Which is not too bad.

My sister Mandy and her husband Andrew had their first son almost a year and a half ago. I can't believe it. He is growing too fast. Because he is getting older, I know that his vocabulary is also growing every week and soon he will be able to put his words together to make sentences. And questions. I adore him and he is the light of my life, but along with being an loving aunt I am going to have to get really good at answering his questions and being even more patient. If there ever comes a question that I can't answer, I will simply say "Ummmm, have a cookie!". Which again, is not too bad. (:

A few random facts about myself-
  • I have a Pookie (Yorkie+Poodle) named Tucker.

  • I love cross country and I run almost everyday at least 3 miles.
  • I love Nantucket! (ACK is the airport code for Nantucket plus my blog's name ACK Sweet- play on words "ACT sweet")

  • Pink is my favorite color..... ever.
  • I think Kangaroos are super cute!
And finally, I would end with..."Oh ya, and my name is Caroline!"

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